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Sustainable Farming Fund

Land and Water Science are currently working on a Sustainable Farming Fund Project to provide a web based portal to bring Physiographic Science into the hands of the rural community so that community is empowered to make informed decisions regarding land management.  The project will explain ‘how’ and ‘why’ water quality varies across New Zealand and stems from the Physiographic Environments of New Zealand (PENZ) project which is a collaboration with Our Land and Water National Science Challenge and Regional Councils.

Providing farmers direct access to ‘state of the art science’ in an easy to understand format will enable them to optimise the natural capital of their properties and make informed land use decisions which ultimately minimise environmental impacts. Through this project, we are working directly with farmers and primary industry groups to design an open-access web-based platform.

A Steering Group of farmers has been formed to advise our scientists how the rural community would like the science to be presented on the portal. We are also inviting representatives from related Industries and interested groups to participate in an advisory capacity. This will ensure a platform is produced which will be simple to access and easy to understand by the end user.  A platform which we hope will bring this exciting science into everyday use by the majority of farmers and their associates.

Check out the prototype website:

To help us improve the final version any feedback on the prototype is appreciated. Please email to

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