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Science for Rural New Zealand

Land & Water Science Ltd is the creator of; an interactive, online, mapping tool which provides cutting-edge landscape information to enhance rural New Zealand. 

It focuses on understanding the natural landscape to support rural business and environmental sustainability. 

By using science and data combined with local knowledge, we enable environmental management decisions that make a difference - no guessing, wasted time or money.

Physiographic Environments

Geology, soils, chemistry, hydrology, slope and many more data sets analysed to determine how different landscape configurations “behave” in response to land use.

Where the configurations of the landscape are similar, a classification has been assigned, called a Physiographic Environment. 

There are 10 main physiographic classifications and more detailed 
sub-classifications of each of those.

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The Influence of the Landscape
on water quality & soil GHG

The landscape has a significant influence on water quality compared to land use alone.

You can have two identical farms side-by-side, but if the landscape settings beneath the farms are different, there will be different water quality outcomes.

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