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Our Team

Dr. Clint Rissmann
Adjunct Senior Fellow, Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management
University of Canterbury and Lincoln University

Prior to founding Land and Water Science, Clint has worked in the research and Regional Council science sector. Clint has over 15 years’ experience in the geothermal, greenhouse gas and water quality industries. His work includes delivering national and international assessments for geothermal exploration and resource assessment, landfill gas dynamics and environmental forensics including site and regional scale water quality assessments. He is also the leading proponent of the Physiographic Approach to understanding spatial variation in water quality outcomes, which is based upon an integrated understanding of the relationships between soil, geology, hydrology and biogeochemistry. Clint is a Senior Adjunct Fellow at the Waterways Center for Freshwater Management and a Project Scientist with the National Science Challenge. He is actively involved in supervising postgraduate students and is passionate about data lead scientific inquiry.

Dr. Lisa Pearson 
Lead Earth and Environmental Scientist

Lisa is a senior environmental and earth scientist with over 8 years' experience in land and freshwater research and management. She has worked in both the academic and regional council science sectors, and in collaboration with research institutes. At Land and Water Science, Lisa is the lead Earth and Environmental Scientist. Lisa has extensive knowledge and experience in physiographic application, soils, nutrient management, catchment modelling, and GIS mapping. Lisa holds a Doctorate in Philosophy and Masters in Science (1st class Hons) in Geochemistry from the University of Waikato. Her academic research focused on lake nutrient dynamics and sediment geochemistry and has published nationally and internationally on these topics. She also has a Bachelor in Science in Earth Sciences. Lisa is a member of the New Zealand Soil Science Society and the New Zealand Freshwater Science Society.

Jessie Lindsay
Environmental and GIS Scientist

Jessie is an Environmental and Geospatial Scientist with an interest in analysing and mapping physical processes. She has experience using a range of GIS software platforms, and an interest in Python and R programming. Jessie graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Science in Geography and a Post Graduate Diploma in GIS (Distinction). She is currently working on her Masters in Science looking at how spatial and temporal patterns at the near terminus affect calving processes, and how they integrate with subaqueous morphology at Tasman Glacier. At Land and Water Science Jessie is helping map the natural variation in water quality for New Zealand as part of the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge - Physiographic Environments of New Zealand.

Matt Couldrey
Environmental and GIS Scientist

Matt is an Environmental and Geospatial Scientist with a Bachelor of Science majoring in soil, water, and environmental processes from Lincoln University in 2015. Matt also comes from a deer farming and surveying family in the Bay of Plenty which has helped him relate his study back to a practical application. Prior to joining Land and Water Science, he previously worked in regional councils creating farm scale maps for riparian and contaminant management, as well as helping to develop regional scale maps for catchment, nutrient, and economic modelling. At Land and Water Science, Matt is continuing to create both high-resolution farm and catchment scale maps with a focus on how water flows through and interacts with the landscape; helping to identify how contaminants leave the farm. This knowledge can be used to inform the targeted placement of various contaminant mitigation options, with a cost-effective outcome for farmers.